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Oleg Plenkin


Oleg Plenkin was born in the city of Vladimir in 1984.

Oleg drew since early childhood, not systemically, but always with enthusiasm. Shortly before leaving school he seriously thought about entering the art and graphic faculty of the Vladimir teacher training institute, and began to attend training courses there. But the case disposed differently, and the city on the river Neva became the first art "institute" for him.

Since 2001 up 2006 he had been studying in St. Petersburg where he got the higher legal education, and at the same time continued going in for the fine arts. He often went to open-airs, visited many museums, art exhibitions and private galleries in Saint Petersburg. There he began to study literature in the field of the art history, took lessons at non-state art school.

Getting a legal profession, Oleg returned to the hometown. In 2015, he successfully graduated from the Institute of Arts and Art education of the Vladimir State University named by A.G. and N. G. Stoletov (speciality "Fine arts").

Oleg's small painting"Hermitage. Decline", having passed some competitive selections was chosen to be exposed at All-Russian art exhibition "Young Artists of Russia" in 2010. Since this year he became the constant participant of art exhibitions and exhibition projects of various standards, both regional and international.

Since 2016 Oleg is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

Oleg’s Plenkin paintings can be seen at Lipetsk Regional Art Museum, Literary and Memorial Museum by Alexander Green (Feodosiya), at private collections in Russia and abroad.

The artist lives and creates in Vladimir city.

Nowanddays, during the active formation of his personal esthetic program, the formation of creative outlook and individual art language, Oleg pays much attention to open-airs, color system of artworks, the variety of picturesque canvas texture. Thus he considers that the fine art shouldn't be purely emotional, and based only on fleeting impressions from what is seen, the artist is a thinker who seeks to embody endured, experienced and comprehended – intimate or common to all mankind into original plastic form and to wants to share it with the audience. Constantly being interested in complicated philosophical and world outlook problems, eternal and modern, Oleg tries to speak more about it in his paintings which seems to him to be created on a joint of genres and, probably, on a crossings of various techniques classical and vanguard.

Oleg Plenkin is convinced that the artist have to reflect the present, therefore plastic images and decisions cultivated by him have to be fresh, sound in a new way and at the same time have to be filled with the individual, author's contents. Such creative installation involves the corresponding relation to many key aspects of the fine arts. So, for example, in his own paintings Oleg wants to depart from verboseness and details, having replaced them with laconic emphases on the main things. As concerns the art stylistics, it is closer to him the powerful, expressional and mobile painting that corresponds the dynamic of today.

Always overflowed with creative plans, Oleg watches closely the modern art process, participates in it, paints only on the favorite subjects and regularly makes creative trips. He considers that for the artist who comprehends the surrounding world by graphic means world around in all its variety, it isn't important where to create: on the Vladimir earth, on the Black Sea coast or on squares of the European capitals creativity erases conventions and freely overcomes any borders.