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Young Artists of Russia, the All-Russian Art Exhibition
My works at the exhibition:
Hermitage. Decline 2005 year Distemper and color pencils on paper 20 39 cm

Young Artists of Russia, the All-Russian Art Exhibition

Moscow, 10 November, 29, 2010. The Central House of Artists

The traditional exhibition "Young Artists of Russia" is one of the All-Russian creative public organization "Union of Artists of Russia" exhibition projects, carried out once in five years and unites works of artists aged till 35 years inclusive, adjoining Union activity. At an exhibition one can see a cut of modern traditional (figurative) art of young authors, showing the prospects of further development of this direction in the domestic fine arts. The exposition is hold in the main exhibition complex of the country – Central House of Artists.

On the regular exhibition "Young Artists of Russia" there were accepted over two and a half thousand works by more than two thousand authors from all regions of Russia.

Selection of works for an exhibition was competitive and was carried out in three stages. The first stage was the exhibition in the Vladimir department of "Union of artists of Russia". Oleg Plenkin had showed there seven paintings (six graphic and one picturesque). Generally there were paintings of the Petersburg period or thematically related. The exhibition committee had selected four of them. At the second stage (in absentia) the electronic copies of paintings selected by exhibition committee have been estimated by members of All-Russian exhibition committee. At last, at the third stage the originals of selected electronic copies were sent to Moscow for total estimation by exhibition committee which voted for Oleg's painting “Hermitage. Decline" (2005).

Following the results of an exhibitionthe catalog of works imageswas published.