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Open-air  2011, the Regional Art Exhibition
My works at the exhibition:
It is Rainy 2011 year Oil on canvas mounted on cardboard 20 30 cm

Open-air 2011, the Regional Art Exhibition

Vladimir. December 21, 2011 January 29, 2012. Oblast Arts Center

For the first time the Vladimir Department of the "Union of Artists of Russia" organized the regional thematic exhibition devoted to Plain-air paintings.

It was the first regional exhibition for Oleg Plenkin. Having left for indefinite time the graphics with which he worked for some years, he participated there as the painter. That was especially important as he resorted to graphics in Petersburg forcedly, without having household opportunities fully to paint with oil.

In summer season and in the fall of 2010, 2011 Oleg worked much over sketches, and, this time systematically, day after day, solving concrete plastic (generally color) tasks. He painted generally near the village of Bogolyubovo and city suburbs.

At Exhibition Committee there were shown about 10 paintings, the Committee selected four of them.

Following the results of an exhibitionthe catalog of works imageswas published.