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The Regional Art Exhibition Still-life
My works at the exhibition:
Night Still-life 2013 year Oil on canvas 50 60 cm
Flowers on a Hood 2013 year Oil on canvas 50 60 cm

The Regional Art Exhibition Still-life

Vladimir. December 20, 2013 January 12, 2014. Oblast Arts Center

Besides landscape works, Oleg Plenkin brought two still-life from the Crimea. The idea of their creation came up to him before he went for the trip.

The first still-life came into being immediately it took only one and a half sittings to finish a conception: on the background of the Crimea there was a bouquet of autumn flowers on a car cowl, of different shades and size.

The second still-life was composed as night, with brightly yellow chrysanthemums on the background of the deep-blue sky. It took much time to create it. It was hard to solve how to provide at least the minimum illumination of a bouquet in evening darkness. There were used light of bulb on a balcony of the hotel house and a driving beam of headlights of the car put on the cool seashore. Then the Crimea was filled in with continuous rains, and the picture should be finished already in Vladimir.

Both paintings were shown at Exhibition Committee and accepted on an exhibition.

The remarkable Vladimir painter Vladimir Hamkov positively estimated Oleg Plenkin's new paintings, having told that he managed to be oneself, not similar to anybody from participants of an exhibition.

Following the results of an exhibitionthe catalog of works imageswas published.