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Sketches  2012. The Regional Art Exhibition
My works at the exhibition:
Feodosiya. Gold Beach 2012 year Oil on canvas 30 40 cm

Sketches 2012. The Regional Art Exhibition

Vladimir. December 7, 2012 January 13, 2013. Oblast Arts Center

The exhibition that was held at the end of 2011 and devoted to Plain-air, obviously, took a keen interest among participants and the audience. It was decided to show it again but having made thematically wider and being called "Sketchis-2012". It was an idea to turn it in regular and to arrange it not annually but slightly rare.

In 2012 Oleg Plenkin created the series of pastels based on his impressions from trip to Spain and to Crimea. He decided to send the Spanish pastels to the Regional Art Exhibition but the Crimean pastels to show at the exhibition of sketches.

At the Exhibition Committee there were shown four paintings; one sketch being painted at the beginning of August on the river Klyazma stylistically close to the Crimea landscapes, was added to them. As a result this one "excess" was set aside at once, and it is probably fair. The author had no regrets about it. All others paintings safely having passed the selection and were shown at the exhibition.

Following the results of an exhibitionthe catalog of works imageswas published.